After Ike - P & B garden weathered the storm


Ike brought much needed rain to the Dallas area and many new rose buds today as I walked outside after work. I am so sorry that it also brought so much devastation to other cities in Texas. I dedicate this rose to the people in Galveston, where Rita grew up and met Joe, where Paul made so many boyhood memories, where Gerldine and Darrell were born and where Geraldine and Randy got married. Also, in Houston where several friends live, Malia and JD, Deepa, Paul and girls and especially to everyone I love in Chicago who are also cleaning up after the river overflowed into Gompers Park where I played as a girl, up onto Foster Ave and into Little Gompers. What a mess it all must be. This rose is call Chrysler Imperial and it has been my finest performing rose. I hope that the beauty of this bud and the anticipation of its opening brings a smile to your face.