Belinda's Dream and Generation Y



This summer I was working on a project for my industry. My daughter moved in with us for a few months and through her I learned the latest technology and marketing skills which helped me fulfill this huge initiative for my profession. Through the eyes of this young Gen Y'er, who clicks the mouse much faster and quicker than this 50 something Baby Boomer, I got to visit behind the scenes of an new industry that is very innovative and remarkable. I not only learned about Drupal and social marketing, I learned more about who my daughter is and about her Generation Y. Today after several hours of work on the project I can finally get back to my love of gardening. As I admire my blooming Belinda's Dream Rose and enjoy its exquisite frangrance, I find that it too is so very remarkable, almost as much as our new Generation Y who no doubt will change the look of Corporate America. This rose if for you Generation Y. Thank you Jennifer at You are amazing !!

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