Caladiums - Each Leaf a Work of Art


Many times Paul notices things that I just take for granted. He stops and notices beautiful clouds in the sky, the moon, and the stars. The other day as we were walking through the shade garden admiring the caladiums, he said, "Did you ever notice that each caladium is a work of art". I have always appreciated the beauty of caladiums in a group, but I had to admit that I never stopped to admire each leaf's beauty. Not only is the caladium leaf a work of art, but as I have mentioned in previous posts, it is a pure miracle that something so beautiful comes from a small bulb you place in the ground. So sad that caladiums are annuals, because if perennial, I would have them all over my shade garden. With my new found time, I will be able to stop and notice the miracles and simple works of art around us each day in this amazing world more often. It will be a lovely change.