In my post from 2008,  PB Garden Post 2008 Dahlias I had my first successful tuber bloom in this hot North Texas weather.  I was lucky that my Dad was here to see that bloom because he shared a story about my Grandpa that I did not know.  He loved Dahlias.  He grew them in a much cooler climate, in Chicago.  For that reason I kept trying to carry on his dahlia legacy, but  since then not much luck, until this year when I planted Dahlia seeds from Floret Flower Farm.   This was such a lovely flower to watch all summer.  It bloomed late.  I kept it out of the west sun and had it in a pot.    Now I will pull in the pot for the winter and see if they come back next year.  I will wait to dig up the tubers unitl next year, when I will get even more opportunities to split up this lovely flower for friends to also enjoy.   I hope to get more Dahlia seeds from Floret Farm when her harvest goes on sale.  https://www.floretflowers.com/  I can't wait until Spring.