"Go Green"...."Goes Bad"


After six years of yard projects I wanted Paul to be able to just play/watch golf and lay on his float with me in the pool......but instead of golf gloves, Paul's work gloves had to came out of retirement.

green-goes-bad go-green-goes-2

First a load of mulch and dirt was delivered on Saturday and dumped in the driveway



Then debris was cleaned up from yard and work started on "Lizzie Lane Garden". By Sunday afternoon a lot of progress had been made as we got ready to host the neighborhood homeowners meeting at 4:00.

Thank you Paul for being my hero and saving the day !! even after I accidently dump the chiminea in the pool, ashes and all...oops !!



The Sun Garden was not part of "Go Green" and is still in its full glory. It was a fun weekend in P & B Garden.


Esperanza-Texas Native






Princess Diana Rose

Princess Diana Rose