Happy 1 Year Anniversary P&B Garden Blog


A year ago on Mother's Day Jennifer handed me her computer for my Mother's Day present. She quickly clicked her fingers to a website called www.pbgarden.com and this page came up.


For keeping us smiling, laughing, healthy, honest, interesting, real, modest, and strong. For helping us to see truth, beauty, and most importantly, how to to see ourselves. For teaching us the importance of family and friends. For always looking at the brighter side. For always making us take pictures in front of flowers, no matter how much we fussed about it. They always turned out beautiful.


For supporting us. No matter what.

I had never blogged in my life and did really know or understand how to do it and in 1 year later I have to say that I cannot believe the enjoyment that I have gotten out of blogging. It has given me a place to share my garden with my family and friends and allowed me to make many new friends and form new relationships. It has given me a place to share what I am thinking and dreaming about for my garden and to learn more than I ever thought possible about gardening, technology and photography. But most importantly, it has given me something to share in with my daughter and for that alone there is just nothing better for a Mother's heart.

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