I love Mums


Tonight while researching the history of the mum, I learned there was a National Chyrsanthemum Society. http://www.mums.org/member_info/index.htm

Their Mission is:

The mission of the National Chrysanthemum Society is to: (1) educate by researching, teaching, and disseminating procedures for the propagation and cultivation of the chrysanthemum (2) improve the standard of excellence of the chrysanthemum (3) promote a wider interest in the cultivation of the chrysanthemum (4) encourage a greater use and display of the beautiful blooms of the many cultivars of the chrysanthemum and (5) increase the bonds of fellowship among growers of the chrysanthemum.

and Here is their History:

The National Chrysanthemum Society was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1954. It has members living in nearly all states in the USA and many foreign countries. The Society's members include chrysanthemum specialists, horticulturists, nurserymen, as well as garden clubs, botanical gardens, universities, and libraries. NCS is primarily for the amateur gardener who enjoys growing chrysanthemums, but also welcomes commercial growers.

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