Inspirations and Ideas for PB Garden from our Fabulous East Coast


Last weekend I went to the coast of Maine with my three girlfriends, Marcie, Claudia and Barbara. We had a wonderful time and it was great to get away but of course I missed Paul :), but he took good care of PB Garden while I was gone. Here are pictures of two flower pot arrangements that gave me some ideas.

We visited a beautiful "Public Garden" in Boston, MA before we headed up the coast. The roses were still in bloom and I tried to capture one with the statue of a war hero unknown to me but honored in this park. We took a walk in this park along a pathway that brought us to the most lovely fall reflection. It was so beautiful it was hard to capture on a still picture. I would like to someday have a water effect in PB garden under our oak tree.

I am so grateful for my friends and the fact that I am able to afford to go on girlfriend trips with them. These memories will always stay with me and be an inspiration back home in PB Garden.