January and the Conservatory


It's January. After the Christmas stuff is put away it is a pretty long, gray, boring month. We leave for work in the dark in the morning and come home in the dark at night. But we have started an exciting project that has been on our wish list for a long time, so this January is a little bit more exciting than most. Each year Paul pulls all the plants in under our back porch around December 1st and hangs a plastic wall to close them in for the winter. The back of the house faces towards the sun, so the plants have perfect conditions during the winter months. It has been a vision of Paul's to design a conservatory for the plants winter home. Late last year he finished his drawings and worked with a contractor to get the project going. We are building the structure out of metal. This weekend the welding of the roof pieces was completed. The next steps are to float the floor, plaster the walls and put in the windows and lighting. The back porch of the house and the shape of the roof was not changed because Paul's plan was to use as much of the existing frame for less construction costs. The drainage and the pot sprinklers had to be re-routed but luckily not through my rose bed. I am so excited about our new conservatory. Thank you Paul !