Paul - Don't Dig Here !!


Today when I came home I immediately went out in the yard to check on the progress of our Demolition. When I looked around I found a flood of orange lines and flags everywhere !! I immediately thought about all the many holes that Paul has lovingly dug for me over the past 6 years in our garden and said to myself, "no wonder we always seemed to hit a cable or sprinkler line when trying to plant just the basic rose bush", there were flags every which way you turned. I have to ask myself ........ In this wonderful world of wireless technology that we live in isn't there going to be a better way to wire our homes someday? Take a look...... THANK YOU PAUL FOR ALWAYS DIGGING HOLES IN OUR GARDEN FOR ME, BUT MOST OF ALL THANK YOU FOR NEVER GETTING MAD WHEN YOU RUN INTO A CABLE WIRE, SPRINKLER SYSTEM OR BIG ROOT.

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