Plant Now for Spring Blooms


The other night I had dinner with my friends Sally, Lynn and Nancy. Sally's daughter is getting married next spring in their backyard and we were talking about what she could plant now for a beautiful display of flowers in the spring. Last year I planted several purple kale. During the dormant growing time, the purple leaves of the kale gave some color to the flower beds and I was so surprised to get this lovely bloom in the Spring in April so this year I planted several more. The combination that I used in this bed was dusty miller in the back, pansies of purple and orange in the center and purple kale in the middle and on each end. I got the idea from Garden Gate magazine, but now I see this combination around town too. The other flower that bloomed first thing was the snapdragon. They are on sale now but you cannot leave them out if the temperatures drop. There are a variety of colors and they are lovely. Good luck and let me know if I can help you .... I would love to !!?