Rethinking Traditions - Amaryllis


Each year I grow amaryllis bulbs at Christmas time.  Amaryllis are so rewarding to watch grow and their blooms are exquisite.  There are so many different unique varieties of amaryllis in beautiful colors outside of the traditional red, so each year I grow a couple others in addition.  But the time is short lived during the Christmas holiday season and I would always have to wait another year to try other varieties.  Recently I learned that the bloom time is actually from December through the end of June and I can stagger planting. So I want to change this from an annual tradition to a staple at P&B Garden so we can always enjoy having a bulb to watch bloom in our terrarium vase. There were so many varieties to choose from and I am going to try Amalfi, Milady, Cape Horn, Susan and Apple Blossom which I purchased here at   I will log my progress here through the year.