Welcome to a New Decade of Gardening


I never knew when we walked through this yard in the spring of 2003, that such a beautiful garden would evolve and exist today.  Although I scaled back due to my life threatning allergy, Paul helped me keep my passion going.   I was excited to see this artlcle, to hopefully get new ideas for this next decade of gardneing, but after I read it, I realized I had already done many of the things that are mentioned, but it helped me to reflect on all we had accomplished.  https://www.hortmag.com/blogs/editors-blog/12-new-years-resolutions-gardeners?fbclid=IwAR0ciGcsJFv6Fa1XXxPp6bYc5K3j_IZr-WIKQfvgfPasY_G75wCPgu49BV

Looking forward to the next decade of gardening at PB Garden.